From Finnish Radicals to Farmer-Labor Alliances!

Finnish-Hall-Astoria-1910History From Below comes to Oregon’s North Coast on January 20th with a special stop for Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend!

From Finnish Radicals to Farmer-Labor Alliances: The History of Social Movements on Oregon’s North Coast

In this interactive workshop,  participants will explore moments in the first half of the 20th century when passionate, principled or simply fed-up people from rural Oregon (and the North Coast, in particular) banded together in hopes of changing the course of history at local, state, and national levels.  And we’ll look at the connections between grassroots movements past and present.

There’s so much to explore: like the vibrant community of radical Finns in Svenson and Astoria that printed a popular socialist newspaper, founded successful cooperatives, and used theater and music to advance their socialist ideals.   And in the late 1930s, Clatsop County progressives joined unions, socialists, and farmer organizations from across Oregon to push forward a broad progressive agenda through the Oregon Commonwealth Federation….  Find out more and Sign Up Today!


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